Discover the best multifunction printer

There is a wide range of multifunctional printers on the market. But you don't know what to consider before making a choice. So here is a rich article that reveals the real features of quality multifunctional printers.

Multifunction printer overview

The multifunction printer combines the functions of printer, scanner and copier. Some multifunctional printers also have a fax function. Then they are called 4 devices in one. Whatever their technology, laser or inkjet, multifunctional printers are becoming more and more efficient and their prices more and more competitive. The printer function of a multifunction printer offers the same possibilities as a simple monofonction printer. As with conventional printers, there are multifunction printers that print in A3 format. In order to ensure the quality of the printing function of your multifunction printer, here is a image source that allows you to discover everything you needed the quality printers.

Main features of the multifunction printer

Most of the features of the multifunction printer can be found for all types of printers. Ergonomics As a general rule, for a printer, the following 3 criteria are grouped under the term ergonomics. The interface with the user. This interface includes: The buttons or screen to control your printer. Then, with a touch screen, you can easily manage the features of your printer as you do with your smartphone or tablet. So choose a screen size you are comfortable with. Accessibility to consumables (ink cartridges), capacity and position of the paper tray matter. The size and weight of the printer. These 2 criteria are linked and depend mainly on the print formats and the capacity of the paper tray, and to a lesser extent on the type of printing. A standard multifunction printer weighs more than 2 kg and the most modern ones weigh at least 6 g. The top source is the sure place to find these types of printers.