Finding a lost indoor cat: where to look?

Lost your indoor cat and don't know where to look? Be aware that this is quite a complex task especially when the cat has been missing for a while. If you are a loving owner this is sure to be a grueling ordeal for you. However, the idea that your cat will never come back will motivate you to look for it wherever you can find it. This guide will tell you where to look so you can quickly find it.

Do some research to find your indoor cat

If you lose your cat you must start a search quickly to find it before it loses its life. Do not waste time and make sure to start the research as soon as you notice his disappearance. If you start the search quickly you will be able to cover a larger area and find your cat safely in case he has not yet gone far. In general, cats are animals of a territorial nature. Indeed, they often like to stay in their territory rather than trying to fight with other cats to enlarge their territory. Please note that there are some key places you can look around your neighborhood:

  • In the trees;
  • In the neighbors ‘garage;
  • In the neighbors’ cattery. 

However if you don’t find it in this places, click for more information so that to know where else you can look to find it. Be aware that the other reason to find your cat quickly when lost is to avoid finding a mate before you find them. He is likely to run away with the partner to start a new life. If this happens you will have lost your indoor cat forever.

Put newspaper ads to find your lost cat

Placing various ads in local newspapers can be an effective method of locating your lost indoor cat. Know that compared to simple posters, newspaper advertisements offer a much wider reach in the local community. 

This will allow you to make it easier for people outside your neighborhood to obtain information about the lost cat. They will be able to contact you as soon as they have obtained useful information about it. They can even deliver it to you if they find it.