How to find a lost dog?


Have you lost your dog, your best friend? If you have no idea how to find him, try not to panic. Keep your cool, take a deep breath and follow these steps to find your missing animal companion.

Advertise in all local newspapers and on social media

Don't give too many details. Just write: "Lost: [Dog]. [Colour]. Reward. [Phone number]." Renew the ad before it expires. You can see this here and post a lost ad. Check the "Lost and Found" ads in newspapers daily.

Locate all the shelters, rescue groups and animal control agencies in your area

There may be more than you think. Call each one and ask them to point you to other possible locations. Do this every time you call, as different people may have different leads. Call veterinary hospitals, go to pet stores, and check with the dispatch officer at the sheriff's office.

Visit each animal shelter daily

Shelters can assure you that they will notify you if your pet shows up, but don't count on it. Shelters are very busy and staff may not make the connection between found animals that are reported and your lost pet. Also, ask to see the lost pet records. Be persistent but polite, and don't give up.

Search the area as you never have before

Talk to everyone: postmen, people walking their dogs, neighbours and delivery men. Ask children if they have seen your dog as they are often more observant than adults. Use a torch to search for small places where animals might be hiding. Go out at night, when it is quiet, and call your pet's name. Listen carefully for the faint meow or whimper of an animal trapped somewhere.