Our advice to protect your website

In the digital world, we must think of all to have a well optimized security. This security is not only to protect your company, but also to keep your image and credibility. There are many tips that you can follow to have adequate protection. Follow our development.

DDDoS protection

DDoS protections are services offered by your web host. They come in many forms. You can use protections from a proxy. This protection consists of giving you signals in case of possible attacks on your site and it masks your real IP address. Do not hesitate to opt for koddos web hosting services in order to benefit from an optimal protection of your website. 

In addition to the proxy, DDoS protections allow you to protect yourself from spoofed IP addresses. Thanks to the access control design, this protection opts to block spoofed IPs. Apart from its services, you can have a good amount of bandwidth, which is a very secure protection technique for you.

Use of a complex password

As a secure way of protection, you can use complex passwords that are difficult to crack by cyber attacks. To do this, you can use password generators whose passwords are difficult to unearth. In addition, optimize the system with passcode managers to store and do encryption of your passcodes and whose unlocking would be with a master password.

Make a regular check of control panels and folders

Since nothing can be taken for granted when it comes to the internet, you need to make regular checks on your folders so that you do not fall victim to an attack. Hackers can operate in surprising ways through media files that contain controllable viruses and many other coded web pages. So be careful.