What are the best coffee cups?

For every meal, drink, wine, you need to use the right accessories for tasting. The same applies to coffee. Here, to enjoy your coffee at any time of the day, it is advisable to use a coffee cup. There are several types of coffee mugs regarding the material of manufacture. In this article, discover the best coffee mugs.


This is a cup from the brand yeti. This is a brand that is known for its coolers, outdoor equipment and especially its mugs. The French coffee mug is everyone's favorite. They are able to keep coffee hot for hours, which makes them the star of the brand. There is insulation on the entire surface of the mug to ensure that you get hot coffee all day long. Thanks to the grooves that have been integrated into the bottom, the cup is easy to carry. You will still have space inside your bag or suitcase. The lid with which it is equipped is sliding magnetic. So you can wash it in the dishwasher or by hand. The purchase price of the rambler cup is 34.99€. Also note that it is of good quality.

Hydro Flask

Its splash-proof lid and insulating wall make it a real gem. The soft, smooth-touch outer shell fits your hand very well, so there's no fuss if you drop the cup. The heat retention also lasts for hours because the inside of the cup is stainless steel. This model is phthalate and BPA free, making it the best choice for enjoying your coffee on a camping night. It is not recommended to choose hydro flask for car trips because the lid opening does not close properly. Its purchase price is 29.96€.

The Legendary

This is an inexpensive mug for small budgets. It is affordable and also has a double-wall insulation that also keeps the coffee for a minimum of one hour. It comes with a snap-on titan lid that gives a wide opening to enjoy the coffee. On this model, there is no rubber base, so it can wobble on the floor. The ceramic handle is uncomfortable when you hold the cup in your hand. To get it, you need a 29.99€ amount.

-16 Oz

It has a triple insulation that allows it to keep for three hours of time. Among the best features of the exceptional cup, we can mainly talk about the ergonomic handle that fits properly in the hand. We will also talk about an anti-spill sliding lid. In addition to that, it has a non-slip rubber base so that you can leave the cup anywhere safely. You also have various choices regarding the designs and color. It costs more than the others at 44.95€. It is not possible to wash it in the dishwasher.

-20 Oz

This is a sturdy cup that you can easily store in your car's glass holder or in a backpack. Compared to others, the coffee storage time is 9 hours. The design is waterproof with a push button opening that prevents spills and drips while enjoying your morning coffee. It costs about 34.99€. 

Here is the list of the best coffee mugs that you can use to enjoy your coffee anywhere.