WordPress: how is the installation on windows done?

Are you looking for a large space to manage your content? The solution lies within the features of WordPress. It is a giant system that allows you to manage your articles efficiently. The features that WordPress provides you with are top-notch. Seeing as all that's left is how to install it and that's the purpose of this article you're reading.

The Benefits

If you install WordPress on your PC, it means that your site is no longer on an online server. It is a kind of domiciliation of your WordPress site on your computer because, after the installation, the site connects to the hard drive. This creates an offline connection for you. This means that you can visit your WordPress site any time without an internet connection. We invite you to review here to see more simple ways to install a WordPress site on your Windows. Also, note that the recommended Windows is Windows 10. Because of its system adaptation features, opt for this Windows and you will also have a secure browsing experience. You can really enjoy your WordPress once you are on your own PC.

Installation Process

To successfully install your WordPress, you must first create a quality environment. This is also called a local host. After creating your local host, you need to install the MAMP which is also a very important system for a good installation of WordPress on your PC. To do this installation, you will first do the download and then do the installation. What follows is the creation of a database. This is a magazine where the information from your site is kept. Note that you must also finish with your updates so that the whole system is well secured. All of these are preliminary steps to successfully install the WordPress system on your own Windows. Opt for this method.